Mastercool (71550) Black Manual A/C Hose Crimper

Brand: Mastercool
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Feature :

  • Repair AC hoses on the vehicle
  • Recrimp existing ferrules
  • Create AC hoses
  • Production quality crimps
  • Includes mounting bench

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Description :

The 71550 is our “manual style” A/C hose crimper. The dies snap quickly into place requiring no pins or screws. The unit can be easily mounted to a bench using the holding fixture or held securely in a vice.

This kit comes with a complete set of dies covering standard hose sizes #6, #8, #10 and #12. (patent # 6,324,884) *Optional reduced barrier sizes are available.

Set includes:
• Yoke Assembly, Arbor Assembly, Holding Fixture Assembly
• Die Set – #6 (5/16”), Die Set – #8 (13/32”), Die Set – #10 (1/2”), Die Set – #12 (5/8”)
• Custom Molded Carrying Case
• Hydra-Flare Yoke & Pump Assembly
• 45˚ Flaring Cone
• Push Connect Adapters: 1/4" Adapter, 5/16" Adapter, 3/8" Adapter
• Push Connect Die Sets: 1/4" Die Set, 5/16" Die Set, 3/8" Die Set
• GM Fuel Line Adapters: 5/16" Adapter, 3/8" Adapter
• GM Fuel Line Die SetsL 5/16" Die Set, 3/8" Die Set
• 45˚ Double Flaring Adapters: 3/16" Adapter, 1/4" Adapter, 5/16" Adapter, 3/8" Adapter, 1/2" Adapter
• 45˚ Double Flaring Die Sets: 3/16" Die Set, 1/4" Die Set, 5/16" Die Set, 3/8" Die Set, 1/2" Die Set
• Metric Bubble Flaring Adapters: 4.75 mm Adapter, 6 mm Adapter, 8 mm Adapter, 10 mm Adapter
• Metric Bubble Flaring Die Sets: 4.75 mm Die Set, 6 mm Die Set, 8 mm Die Set, 10 mm Die Set

Mastercool (71550) Black Manual A/C Hose Crimper :

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