Dragway Tools Model 25 Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet

Brand: Dragway Tools
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Feature :

  • 23"x20"x19" Over All Size
  • Tight Seal around Viewing Glass
  • LED Light with Switch
  • Removable Plastic Films Protect glass from etching.
  • Silicone Sealed Cabinet creates an AirTight Seal

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Description :

Dragway Tools Model 25 Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet

This Dragway Tools Model 25 Bench Top Sandblaster Sandblast Cabinet is Ideal for any Business, Garage or House. Strip Paint and Rust from Auto Parts in the Comfort of your Shop. Simply connect to a 4-12 CFM Air Compressor and add Blasting Media such as Black Beauty (medium grit) and begin sandblasting all different sized and shaped items. Works great to etch glass.

  • 23”x20”x19” Over All Size
  • 19”x16” Viewable Area
  • 23”x19”x12” Inside Dimensions
  • Tight Seal around Viewing Glass
  • LEDLight with Switch
  • Removable Plastic Films Protect glass from etching.
  • Removeable Air Filter
  • Extra Large Rubber Gloves with Grip to easily hold parts
  • Silicone Sealed Cabinet creates an AirTight Seal
  • Spray Gun with 4 Ceramic Nozzles
  • Mostly Assembled

Dragway Tools Model 25 Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet :

Project created by: icenecdev2006

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANIZATION The international centre for environmental education and community development (ICENECDEV) is a non-governmental organization based in Buea in the south west province of Cameroon.

ICENECDEV was created in 2005 by a group of young dynamic teachers and legalized in March 2006, with its registration number as no.43/g.37/d.14/1/vol.9/bapp/in accordance of law no.90/53 of 19 December 1990 under article 7 relating to the formation, governing, and functioning of association in Cameroon.

at the same time our organization pays specific attention to environmental problems like pollution, global warming, climate change, illiteracy, infant and maternal mortality and poverty etc affecting mostly women and children who are the most vulnerable in the community , hindering personal growth and development in the society.


Cameroon is a country that has not fully integrated environmental rights into its way of life even though the constitution of our country (Cameroon) has clearly guarantee the right to protect and conserve the environment as an entity of the state.

The environment and people suffer abuse through sewage and gabbarge disposal, and pollution in schools, markets, towns, cities and communities as a result of negligence and ignorance.

ICENECDEV seeks to heighten awareness among the people especially children who are the most vulnerable in the society so that these environmental right abuses can be exposed and addressed. In conjunction with other sensitization projects aimed at the adult population ICENECDEV seeks to educate school-children in Cameroon about their environmental rights. ICENECDEV hopes that these young Cameroonians will grow up with an awareness and an appreciation of their rights as citizens and that they will help to transform Cameroon into a society which respects environmental rights as part of human right stipulated by the universal declaration of human rights in 1948.


The aim of this project is to distribute 2,000 copies of this little book titled Environmental Rights to children in the various environmental clubs in the different in schools in the Buea sub-division in the south west region. In the short term this will lead to greater awareness among school children on their environmental rights and will help to combat environmental abuses like land pollution affecting our local communities and some major cities. In the long –term this project will instill an awareness of environmental rights among the future adult of Cameroon. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Specifically, this project seeks: Distribute 2,000 copies of environmental rights in the following schools: • Marthlo comprehensive bilingual college, Buea • Saint Theresa international bilingual secondary school Molyko-Buea • Government high school Bokwaongo • Multipurpose youth and animation centre • Government secondary school Buea • Bilingual Grammar school Molyko • Buea central prison • Other civil society organizations NGOs and CIGs. Educate the children of these schools about our environmental rights.

Involve the children in monthly projects on environmental rights themes, with the children exhibiting what they have learnt in a presentation at the end of the month. In this way, the children will be able to learn about the different aspects of environmental rights, while at the same time developing their own creative abilities for example in art, debating, and drama. Etc.

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION This project will involve sensitization and education, distributing copies of the environmental rights and establishing creative activities for children in environmental clubs. (i)Sensitization and education ICENECDEV has already contacted form teachers at the identified schools to liaise with them about the sensitization of children on environmental rights.ICENECDEV, will also introduce the children to the concept of environmental rights. (ii)Distribution of Copies ICENECDEV intends to distribute 2,000 copies of environmental rights among school-children . ICENECDEV will also conduct presentation educating the children about environmental issues.

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