Grow Light Hangers - 1/8" Heavy Duty Triplet, THREE (3) Ratchets per Pack , METAL Internal Gears, Strong Composite Case, 7' Rope - For Adjustable Hoist Hydroponics, Reflectors, Kayak, Canoe Tie Down

Brand: Survival Gorilla
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Feature :

  • You get 3 complete grow light hanger ratchets instead of the typical 2 that are offered by most competitors. Some will charge even more money for just two ratchets. If you want 3 complete PAIRS of ratchets, simply buy two of these sets and you are done. By the way, you get free shipping if you buy four or more packs. That's even more savings. These ratchets have a strong, non-slip hold at each ratchet "click" with easy tension release
  • Has Carabiner Snap-Clips on the Ends Instead of Open Hooks and sturdy Latch and Spring Mechanism to Prevent Failure
  • Heavy-duty 7 foot long braided nylon/polypropylene rope that is soft and easy on the hands when pulling. These ratchets are multipurpose. People use our rope ratchets to do everything from hanging flower pots to hanging plants to hanging items in their garage or even to assist with work at their automotive shops. *** PLEASE NOTE that you will need to be able to reach the latch on the ratchet to lower the height of the object.
  • Strong metal internal gears that won't wear out after a few cycles
  • Rope ends are heat seared to prevent fraying. NOTE**: You must be able to access the releasing carabiner latch in order to lower the item that you are hanging. If you install the ratchet very high up, you might need a stool or ladder to access its latch to make the lowering adjustments. This is usually not an issue in most applications, but could be a factor if hanging plants at high elevations that will need to be lowered often for watering or other care.

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Description :

How an Inexpensive Grow Light Hanger Can Make Your Life Much Easier and Prevent a Disaster

The Most User-Friendly Grow Light Hanger to Protect Your Investment

The Problem

- Hanging expensive hydroponics equipment with inferior hangers will lead to a serious accident. - Home-made hangers are a major hassle to install and adjust. - Inferior grow light ratchet hangers often have plastic gears that wear out easily.

The Solution

- Introducing the Survival Gorilla grow light hanger. It's as tough as a 600 pound gorilla (225 lbs max load, 75 lbs each).

- Provides reliability and peace of mind. - Is the answer to your hydroponic equipment hanging hassles and allows easy height adjustments.

Why Survival Gorilla?

Our senior level Mechanical Engineers inspect the light hanger ratchet samples to make sure they meet performance specs.


- Makes your life much easier when installing and adjusting equipment height.
- Protects expensive equipment and plants from catastrophe.
- Potentially saves you tons of money in equipment replacement costs and possibly even medical bills (Always follow instructions)

What You Get

- The Survival Gorilla three (3) pack Grow Light Ratchet set
- No one else offers you 3 ratchets in one. Why not buy four sets and get 12 ratchets plus free shipping?!! Exclusive offer.

ONLY Grow Light Hanger Ratchet Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

These sell FAST, so buy now while they are still in stock.

Click the "ADD TO CART" Button at the Top of this Page Right Now to Simplify and Safeguard your Growing Experience!

Grow Light Hangers - 1/8" Heavy Duty Triplet, THREE (3) Ratchets per Pack , METAL Internal Gears, Strong Composite Case, 7' Rope - For Adjustable Hoist Hydroponics, Reflectors, Kayak, Canoe Tie Down :

We’ve worked without a plan. You go to the plant store, find a really cool plant, then come home and try to figure out where to put it. That can be fun, but it doesn’t make for a very satisying garden. It’s best to have a plan. A plan can daunting. The more you think about it….. the more complicated it seems. There’s so much to consider. What’s your zone? Where is the sun (and shade) at various times of the day? How’s the soil? How much do you know about plants? How much of a budget do you have? How much of a budget do you NEED? And so much more. Daunting. Solution: start small. And slowly. Divide it into parts – both the garden and the plan. The learning about plants will take care of itself along the way. Here are the things to begin with: 1) Inventory what you have. How big is your yard? Which areas get sun, and when? How’s the soil? (have it tested). Find the plat to your property and make several copies of it. Map out the trees, shrubs, etc. You might even use it to show the sun/shade patterns. 2) What do you want? This is more difficult than it sounds. And it’s certainly more difficult than 1). It’s especially difficult if you’re new to gardening and don’t even know what there is to choose from. And there’s a lot to choose from. Formal/informal. Japanese. Shade. Cottage. Flower. Rose. Heirloom. There are all sorts of gardens and all sorts of elements in even a themed garden. These two elements - knowing what you have and what you want – are the things you MUST know before you can proceed successfully. You can proceed without one or the other, even both, but not successfully. In the weeks ahead we’ll discuss these two tasks. And we’ll move on to discussing things like Elements of a Garden, How to Budget for a Garden (without breaking the bank), How to Get as Much as Possible as Quickly as Possible, Patience, and more. Next week, we’ll discuss seeing what you have already in your garden (or yard). For instance, how do you get your soil tested? How do you find out what zone you’re in? (What is a zone?) And so forth. Stay tuned. Filed under: Planning a Garden

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