DEWALT DWC1KIT-B Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit

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Feature :

  • DWFP12231 Brad Nailer drives 18ga nails from 5/8" to 2" length.
  • DWFP55126 Compressor offers 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, 6 gallon (22.7 L) tank and 165 max PSI
  • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment and tool-free jam release
  • Low 75.5 dBA for a quiet work environment
  • Kindly refer user manual for instructions.

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Description :

The DEWALT DWC1KIT-B Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit features a DWFP12231 18 GA brad nailer, and a DWFP55126 compressor. The Brad Nailer drives 18 gauge nails from 5/8" (16 mm) to 2" (50 mm) length. This nailer offers a long life, oil-free motor with a tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment with detents for proper setting of nail heads. It also has a tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal. The rear exhaust to help keep contaminates away from work, and a magnesium body delivers strong & lightweight design. It also has a removable non-marring nose tip with on tool storage, and an adjustable belt hook that allows the tool to be kept near the user. The Air Compressor offers 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, 6 gallon (22.7 L) tank and 165 max PSI for long tool runtime and fast recovery (Tested per ISO 1217). The durable oil-free pump provides long maintenance-free operation, and a low 75.5 dBA for a quiet work environment (Tested per ISO 3744). The low 10 Amp draw motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord, and it has two regulated, factory installed air couplers to easily support two users. Shroud includes heavy-duty handle, cord wrap and console cover to make unit easy to carry; only 30 lbs (13.6 kg) for easy portability. Kit includes: (1) DWFP12231 18 ga Brad Nailer, (1) DWFP55126 Compressor, Air hose with fittings, sample fasteners, and owners manual.

DEWALT DWC1KIT-B Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit :

While metal garden storage is one of the most secure and long-lasting garden storage solutions, it does unfortunately have its drawbacks. The main one of course is rust. When iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture in the air, rust forms and slowly erodes the metal away causing holes to emerge. This allows the elements into your shed and eventually making entry much simpler.

Iron and steel are the two metals most commonly associated with both the garden and rusting, but just how can you prevent it from happening? Short of stopping the elements there is no surefire way of doing it – in short – but there are ways of slowing down the process.

One of which is regular cleaning. While this may sound contradictory due to the use of moisture, you can scrub off some of the dirt that will corrode the metal much quicker than the rust will. This way you only have the effects of rust to deal with, so you’re already slowing the process. However, you need to ensure that any water dripping down from your storage unit doesn’t simply sit on the ground against it, otherwise it will speed up the rusting process at the bottom.

Solving rust problems before they have the chance to spread will also prolong the life of your garden storage. One of the first telltale signs of rusting is small bubbles slowly presenting themselves on the surface. Strangely one of the solutions to this is to remove the bubbles using a razor blade. The small blade will remove the top layer of the “infection” but you do need to be wary of scratching away too much otherwise you’ll damage the metal and expose more of the unprotected area to the elements and therefore increasing the prospects of rust.

For more great preservation and restoration tips, as well as a huge range of garden storage solutions, keep visiting The Garden Storage Company.

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