WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac Accessories 2-1/2-Inch WS25052A Shop Vacuum Car Detailing Kit for Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

Brand: WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs
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Feature :

  • Fits most shop vacuum hoses or wands with a 2-1/2-inch diameter
  • 3-Piece shop vacuum car detailing kit contains 2-1/2-inch wet dry vac accessories that are specifically designed to use a shop vacuum to clean your auto, truck, or van.
  • Flexible Crevice Tool is a shop vacuum attachment that provides side-to-side agility in tight areas unlike most rigid wet dry vacuum accessories
  • Triangle Soft Bristle Brush is a shop vacuum attachment that allows the user to get into corners and is ideal for softer materials, dusting crevices or cleaning vents.
  • Claw Nozzle vac attachment penetrates carpet and upholstery for deep cleaning

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Description :

This shop vacuum car detailing kit contains a few key automotive cleaning accessories that will turn your wet dry vacuum into a automotive cleaning machine. The flexible crevice tool, triangle soft bristle brush, and claw nozzle are shop vacuum attachments designed to work with a shop vacuum utilizing a 2-1/2-inch diameter vac hose to clean you car, truck, or van.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac Accessories 2-1/2-Inch WS25052A Shop Vacuum Car Detailing Kit for Wet Dry Shop Vacuum :

When you’re finished reading this blog post, I hope that you will see how our board of directors are actually guilty of manipulating unit owners to vote for reserves by confusing unit owners.

Don’t you HATE being manipulated?  I don’t know about you, but I LOATHE being manipulated.  To me, manipulation is right up there with spewing “bold-face” lies.  Such actions are disingenuous, and in my not-so-humble opinion, when such manipulated efforts are perpetrated by our board of directors, it’s worse than just a lie-it’s an act of disloyalty. So how would you like to discover how you are being manipulated.

Let me start off by saying that I am completely neutral on the reserves matter. What ever you decide is your decision, I am not going to tell you which way to vote I simply want you to understand that the proxies where done incorrectly and the way it stand no matter what you vote you will get reserves.

For Example:

On our proxies it has 3 option

  • no reserves
  • partial reserves
  • full reserves

Partial Reserves and Full Reserves are one and the same. If you vote for partial reserves it is still voting for reserves. This proxy guarentees the association will be able to pass some form of reserves no mater what. This is called manipulation! Posting inaccurate information and misleading unit owner to vote based on information their board of directors are posting is a form of manipulation.

I have read many posting stating that if you wanted to sell your unit FHA and Fannie Mae will not approve it because we do not have reserves. Well that not the only reason here are some facts based on research.

Under revised guidelines which were to be effective October 1, 2009 but now delayed until November 2, 2009, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is implementing a new stricter approval process for condominiums to be eligible for FHA financing. The guidelines are very similar to the new Fannie Mae regulations issued earlier in the year. Some “highlights” of the new regulations include that all FHA approved condominium projects have at least a 50% level of owner occupancy or sell out, no more than a 15% condo fee delinquency rate and a capital reserve study, among other requirements. There is also a little known requirement for an affirmative action housing plan for new construction and conversions.


Florida Law States 718.112 Bylaws Section (b) 2

Limited Proxies shall be used for votes taken to WAIVE or REDUCE RESERVES in accordance with subparagraph (f)2 The amount to be reserved shall be computed by means of a formula which is based upon estimated remaining useful life and estimated replacement cost or deferred maintenance expense of each item. The association may adjust replacement reserve assessments annually to take into account any changes in estimates or extension of the useful life of a reserve item caused by deferred maintenance.


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