Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating Ultimate Remodeling Tool Kit

Brand: Dremel
Post : 7 mon ago (January 27, 2017) | 81 views.

Feature :

  • High performance 7.0 Amp motor to power through the most demanding application
  • Precision and Hyper Speed modes for optimal performance in a variety of materials
  • Extra wide 5 degree oscillation angle with new drive system delivers a faster speed of cut
  • Integrated control foot for long and accurate cuts
  • Quick-Lock feature for quick and easy, tool-less accessory change

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Description :

The Dremel Velocity VC60 is the power tool that bridges the gap between traditional oscillating tools and rough-cutting tools, such as reciprocating saws and circular saws. The Velocity tool allows you to tackle larger jobs that other traditional oscillating tools can't. With a powerful 7.0 AMP motor, an integrated control foot, 5 degrees of oscillation angle and a newly designed, patented drive system, users can now feel confident about making long and accurate cuts quickly in a variety of materials. Velocity is a two position tool; with the control foot open, the tool is great for making long, accurate cuts in panel materials and with the control foot closed, the tool is a high-powered traditional oscillating tool optimal for any cutting, scraping, sanding, grinding or grout removal application. The Velocity is an ideal tool for professional remodelers who want a fast-cutting, low dust tool to get through a variety of materials for any indoor job, such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel. It's also great for the home owners who want one tool that does it all, rather than spending money on multiple tools to cut plywood, drywall, conduit, PVC pipe, 2 x 4 and tile backer during home repairs.

Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating Ultimate Remodeling Tool Kit :

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