NuMax SL31 18 & 16 Gauge Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nailer & Stapler, Gray & Black

Brand: NuMax
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Feature :

  • 3-in-1 design is compatible with 18 ga. staples, 18 ga. brad nails, and 16 ga. finish nails
  • Reload indicators make it easy to see when you are running low on fasteners
  • No-mar tip protects your work surface from dents, scratches, and other damage
  • 360° adjustable exhaust keeps air, dust, and debris out of your face or workspace
  • Comfort padded grip and lightweight ergonomic design allows extended daily use with less fatigue

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Description :

The Numax 3-in-1 Nailer and Stapler gives you the versatility of three different fasteners in one tool: 18 gauge brads (3/8” to 2” long), 18 gauge staples (1/2" to 1-5/8” long), and 16 gauge finish nails (3/4” to 2” long). Designed for quick reloading, the magazine effortlessly switches between fastener types without any kind of adjustment. With a comfort grip handle and a light weight at just 2 pounds, you can work all day without tiring out your arm. An adjustable depth makes it easy to set a consistent driving depth, and the no-mar nose tip protects your work surface from marks and scratches. The air exhaust is adjustable, and an air filter and anti-dust cap keep the internal parts clean. Reload indicators make it easy to quickly check if you need to load more fasteners. To get started, open the magazine and load the staples or nails. Each fastener type is loaded differently, as seen in the pictures provided. When holding the nailer/stapler, the 18 gauge brads are loaded on the left side, 18 gauge staples are loaded in the center, and the 16 gauge nails are loaded on the right. Connect your tool to a compressor set to 60 – 110 PSI, and be sure to read the manual for additional safety information. To fire, press the nose against your work surface and pull the single fire trigger. The Numax 3-in1 Nailer and Stapler is covered by a 1 Year Limited Warranty and 30 Day Wearable Parts Warranty. .

NuMax SL31 18 & 16 Gauge Pneumatic 3-in-1 Nailer & Stapler, Gray & Black :

NEW DAY, NEW KITCHEN-RELATED POST!  Today’s topic is:  Eating Idioms & Expressions

Are you ready? Ok let’s begin!

acquire a taste for something

- to develop a liking for a food or drink, or something else 

“I have recently acquired a taste for classical music after seeing the opera.” 

as hungry as a bear

- very hungry

“He was as hungry as a bear after work.”

at/in one sitting

- during one period, all at once

“I ate the entire box of cookies in one sitting.”

bite off more than one can chew

- to try to do more than you can manage

“She bit off more than she can chew when she began working a second job.”

bite the hand that feeds you

- to hurt someone badly who has done good things for you and helped you

“It’s like biting the hand that feeds you if you leave your company and work for their competition.”

bitter pill to swallow

- something unpleasant that one must accept

“It was a bitter pill to swallow after learning the truth about her husband.”

can’t stomach (someone or something)

- to dislike someone or something very much, to not be able to tolerate someone or something at all

“I can’t stomach the idea of meeting my boyfriend’s ex-wife.”

eat and run

- to eat a meal and then have to leave quickly

“She had to eat and run in order to not be late for her appointment.”

eat dirt

- to suffer insults or bad treatment

“I made her eat dirt after she spread lies about me.”

eat high on/off the hog

- to eat expensive, high quality food

“We’ve been eating high on the hog after the promotion.”

 eat like a bird

- to eat only a small quantity of food

“She is so skinny, she eats like a bird.”

eat like a horse

- to eat a large quantity of food

“My sister eats like a horse and is still thin! She’s so lucky.”

eat one`s cake and have it too (**have one’s cake and eat it too- more common, less correct)

- When someone wants everything, when it is not possible.

“He is crazy.  He wants to marry his girlfriend but still wants to date other women! He wants to have his cake & eat it too!”

Similar idioms in Italian:   Avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca

in Spanish:  Querer estar en Misa y en procesión

in French:   Vouloir le beurre et l’argent du beurre

eat one’s heart out  ** see HEART idioms here 

- to be envious of someone or something

” ‘Picasso eat your heart out!’ said the artist after finishing a painting he was proud of.”

eat one`s words

- to admit that something you said is really not true, to take back one’s statements

“He ate his words after he was wrong about the election.”

eat out

- to eat a meal in a restaurant

“I love eating out with my friends on Saturday nights.”

eat out of (someone’s) hands

- to do what someone else wants

“He must really like her! She has got him eating out of her hands.”

eat (someone) for breakfast

- to defeat someone easily

” ‘I’m going to eat you for breakfast!’ said one car racer to the other.”

 eat up (something) or eat (something) up

- to enjoy or appreciate something very much

“She ate up all the compliments from her boss.”

eat up (something) or eat (something) up

- to eat everything on your plate, to finish your meal completely

“The child ate up all his breakfast and then went to school.” 

either feast or famine

- either too much or too little of something

“She is either single or has many boyfriends at once.  It’s either feast or famine for her.”

eyes are bigger than one’s stomach

- the quantity of food that one takes is more than what one could possibly eat

“My eyes were bigger than my stomach at the buffet and I couldn’t finish my plate!

grab/get a bite to eat 

- to eat something outside of your home, usually casual.

“Do you want to grab a bite to eat?”

have a lot on one’s plate

- to have a lot of things to do or deal with in general

“She has a lot on her plate, with her kids, work and school.  I don’t know how she does it.”

have a sweet tooth

- to love eating sweet foods, candy, dessert, etc.

“I have the biggest sweet tooth.  I have to have chocolate every day.”

have a taste for (something)

- to have a craving for something

“I have a taste for pizza tonight.”

make one`s mouth water

- to make someone hungry

“Every time I smell McDonald’s french fries, my mouth waters.”

meal ticket

- something someone uses to get the money that they need in order to live

“Her much older boyfriend is her meal ticket.”

melt in one’s mouth

- to taste really good

“The hamburger melted in my mouth.”

out to lunch

- to be crazy, or not alert

“He is out to lunch.  Nothing he says makes sense.”

out to lunch

- to be eating lunch during one’s lunch break from work

“I came by your job yesterday but you were out to lunch.”

pick at (something)

- to eat only little pieces of food

“Don’t pick at your food, eat it up!”

sink one’s teeth into (something)

- to get involved in something with great passion

“I’m looking for a new book.  Something I can really sink my teeth into!”

spoon-feed (someone)

- to help someone too much, to treat someone with too much help in a way that discourages independent thought or action

“The girl spoon-feeds her roommate by cleaning her messes instead of talking to her about how messy she is.”

there is no such thing as a free lunch

- nothing is for free

“If you want a new car, you have to work for it.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

 whet (someone’s) appetite 

- to cause someone to be interested in something

“Seeing his drawings whet my appetite to take an art class.” 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message below.

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